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Scott Breitenstein Jr

Scott Breitenstein’s eldest son is involved with the family cyber extortion scheme. He functions as one of the money launderers being a part of his father’s illegal business. Just like his father, he is as twistedly distorted as they come. Such a bastard’s son is real scum himself. This talentless fucker’s got no rhythm and is just an Eminem wannabe.


  • Stop posting lies about Scott Jr. He is a good kid. He cares about people, and is a college student and he is smart and an excellent musician. He will be a famous musician one day. He’s college educated and has a heart of gold. He has loving parents who raised him right and support him at whatever career path he chooses.

    Most important, people have enough common sense to know that you are a liar and you are just trying to hurt Scott Jr. because you are jealous of him.

    You are just a jealous miserable person for trying to break a young person’s spirit.

    Leave Scott Jr. alone.

    • Yow RIGHT, Anonymous!! This PUNK is a poisonous SNAKE !! He will be put down by a gun or knife or incarcerated for LIFE !!

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