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The most important thing that you need to do is to remain calm and make sure that neither you, your attorney or any other party doesn’t send us any threats or demands. You are strongly advised to consult an attorney before taking any action that you will later regret. Once a threat is received we log it and then flag and lock the post for good, once we do this we will then NEVER accept any arbitration request to remove said post. We then add the individual and link our ineligible for arbitration page. is not hosted in the U.S. which means we are not bound by most U.S. laws, we will give everyone the arbitration opportunity so long you follow all rules on this page.

The site contains all anonymous user – submitted content. does not promote censorship or get involved with poster disputes. According to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, forum sites like are not
legally responsible for content that any other party posts on our site.

If you want a post about you removed from this site, you’ ll need to contact the 3rd party arbitration service to resolve this matter through arbitration services. 3rd party arbitration services provide a neutral service to determine the validity of internet postings, the law firm that you hire will initiate arbitration proceedings with us to challenge the validity of the post on your behalf. management will remove any attorney arbitrated post if it is deemed to be maliciously motivated and unsubstantiated, we will not accept any other claims or from any other party. Please understand the anonymous party who posted the offending content is not a party in the arbitration. Your attorney represents your best interests so the actual arbitration is simply between management and your attorney.

Please note that while the arbitration removal process can be expensive and may take up to 30 days, it is still much cheaper and quicker than the other few legal options of which your attorney can explain to you. cannot legally be forced to remove any site content, taking us to court for another party’s actions is not a wise legal strategy.

It’s worth noting that we’ve been legally challenged on multiple occasions and we have never lost a case, the courts have ruled on many occasions that forum sites like will never be legally liable or ever required to remove any content unless we choose to do so. is not affiliated with any arbitration services, its owners or subsidiaries.

If you are a private party then please do not contact us as we will not respond to your emails. You must contact a law firm to initiate the arbitration and removal process.

Here’s some links to 3rd party arbitration firms that we have worked with in the past and some that we are willing to work with.

  1. Repze LLC
  2. Minc Law LLC
  3. Remove Reports LLC
  4. Reputation Lawyer LLC

If you are law/ arbitration service provider firm would like to initiate arbitration services for your client then please contact us, our contact information can be found on our contact us page.


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