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Michaela Holbeck – Colorado

The first time I ever heard this wh*re’s name was in the Spring of 2017. She had followed my husband home because apparently she was too dumb to drive down 10th St. and take a right at the KFC to go to a bar called Cruiser’s that everyone from night crew was going to that morning. I asked my husband who this b*tch sitting in front of our house was. He told me who she was and that I had nothing to worry about, she was happily married with four kids. He shows her where the bar is and comes directly home.

Shortly after this she quits the job they work together but before she leaves she makes a point to give my husband her phone number. It sat on his desk untouched for months. I nearly tossed it out when I was cleaning his desk but decided to leave it. He had several friends that were female and I have never had reason to doubt his loyalty. Now I wish I had burned it.

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