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Karen Kniffin – Nevada

Karen Kniffin is the victim of a totally false and malicious revenge posts by someone who thinks Karen posted about her. Karen Kniffin, Winnemucca, Nevada is the VICTIM of totally unfounded and malicious lies on this site.

These lies were posted about me, Karen Kniffin, by a woman who thinks I outed her on this and other revenge sites for having an affair with MY husband. I, Karen Kniffin, was forced to move as far away from my home as I could get due to psycho actions of the woman who posted lies about me. As a result, she has posted here and other places about me in an attempt to defame me and further destoy my life because she knows I don’t have the money to get them removed. In my opinion, the person who posted these lies, can only be the woman that MY ex husband moved in with. Coincidentally, one month before this anonymous “friend” of my ex’s ex posted this supposed 15 year old totally untrue, unfounded “grievance” about me on these sites; my husbands “girlfriend” contacted me accusing me of posting about her. For the record, I could have easily taken my ex to the cleaners. He actually did leave me for this person and I can prove he moved into her house (Plus I’m sure that it wouldn’t be hard to find witnesses who saw them around town). I don’t really want to bother though, just want to be far from their constant drama.

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