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Jonathan Gleich is Bobbee Finkels boyfriend owners of All American liquidation and estate sales in Las Vegas, NV – THEIVES

This couple cheats their clients out of money, so we are Reporting these two Cheaters!

This couple steals money from the elderly who have to downsize their houses because of old age.

Jonathan Gleich is part owner of “All American Liquidation & Estate Sales” in Las Vegas, NV, with his girlfriend and business partner Bobbee Finkel. They have yard sale/ estate sales for senior citizens.

These two thieves steal from their clients while cheating their clients out of money. 99% of their clients are the elderly senior citizens who are forced to downsize and sell their items and move into nursing homes because of old age.

Bobbee Finkel and her business partner boyfriend does not use a cash register to ring up the items, they demand cash only, and they don’t give customer receipts, so there is no accounting of what was sold. They are a very dishonest couple.

They take 35%, plus another $500 for advertising, and another $2,000.00 to pay for their employees, which they do not tell you in advance. So by the time the estate sale is over, you might get a check for $50 if you are lucky, although they were given a 3,000 square foot house full of items to sell worth over $25,000.

Do NOT hire Bobbee Finkel and her boyfriend Jonathan Gleich to do your estate/yard sales. They will steal from you the same way they stole from others that came before you. They have many complaints against them.

They take advantage of senior citizens.

Here is their business website:


  • The person posting this, and future posts, is a known shoplifter. she has been arrested several times. Police charges are pending against this person.

    I have requested several times that the posts be deleted, Via the form, and by law if the request is not rectified in Sixty (60) days, I can file a complaint with the FCC, and the hosting ISP to shut down the website.

  • Jonathan Gleich and his girlfriend Bobbee Finkel were arrested after they were caught having sex in the very same house they were suppose to be having an estate sale. The police obtained a search warrant and found stolen items inside Jonathan Gleich and Bobbee Finkel’s vehicles. Jonathan Gleich and Bobbee Finkel steal from their elderly estate sale clients. Jonathan Gleich and Bobbee Finkel are professional shoplifters.

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