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Janessa Victoria Lotemple/Jay Victoria

Janessa Lotemple, aka Jay Victoria or Nessavictoriaa, is a known Rochester NY heroin & crack addict. She sells her body for drugs in her apartment, 627 Park Ave, #15, although it is infested with bed bugs. BE CAREFUL not only has she tested positive for chlamydia & genital herpes, she also is HIV positive. Janessa catfishes frequently online as her mother, Jennifer Taaffe-Lotemple, in order to harass people.


    • Get a life and stop telling lies and harrassing people EMBER WHANN ! Grow up and get some psychological help ! You are not fooling any one

    • The sad part about all this is that Ember Whann loves the attention this is all creating ! She doesn’t care wether it’s goid or bad , she’s secretly getting off on all of us replying to her negative bs..

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