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Emmylou Knops — San Diego, California

I just got into town and Checked in with my boy! Come to find out what I said meany years ago came true. EMMYLOU KNOPS. Is a “Home Wrecker” scum of the highest calibur. When my boy was on his world tour she cheated on Him with a younger guy she met through IG! She would take this Chump in front of the kids at there house and they saw it all. On top of doing drugs…Again and wrecking a good marriage Emmy…Karma will get you. Your not a real women you claim to be. A real women Handles theres not lie, cheat, steal. And set a bad example as a “mother”. He is your start of a gold star for being a “Lot Lizard” you shoul be a shamed of yourself you sick F#$%! You thought you could mess up a good man but you woke up a Lion!

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  • New something was up she was with that black guy riding around i. That ML MERCEDES. late at night making out. with teen daughter doing the same way to go Hoe. Being a trap ass hoe and teaching your girl to be the same….here’s your star. I’ve even seen the pair at show’s being groupies. Get a real life. O you fucked that up! I’ve left comments on other cheating websites about what i saw her X is a public figure and a great man! Emmy is a true closet mental bitch that plays it cool and the victim role!

  • She got some shit on her lip from sucking to meany dicks in that picture. what a slut who does that in front of there own kids and teaches there daughter its ok to be a whore

  • Dude I know her she always was a drugged out hoe from east county and her x boy friend on megans law named “john” or sickboy lol. before she got married to this new guy she just an east county whore or how we call them lot lizards. So funny what a bitch doesn’t even care if she gots it good she’ll go back to drugs and loser’s great role model for your kids Emmylou lol.

  • What a bitch OMG…I’m in europe and this shit is out here I feel sorry for the children. Her husband tattoos a lot of us in the military. She will be forever known as a home wrecker. Nemo is a good man and doean’t deserve this.

  • I know this bitch! She’s from east county el cajon. Her x before john “sickboy” is on megans law for being a Pedophile! Wow… even when she had it good she went back to drugs and losers great way to teach your kids to be f’ed up and your daughter to be a sloot! She use to F me when she was dating john. Can’t turn a hoe into a house wife sad for her husband and kids. Damn Emmy you always wanted to do something with your life. I guess this is it loser lol! slores don’t change and now you have drd’s. Great

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