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Chris Hinman of

They’re all in league with Scott Breitenstein and run this SEO business as a front for their cyber extortion racket. Justin Miller is their friend who backs them up. Aaron Minc of MincLaw is the renowned internet defamation lawyer who helps Scott with raking in money by the thousands for negative post removals. Don’t waste your time and money with these frauds!

In his words:

Chris Hinman, Bryan Powers, Scott Breitenstein and Stephanie Nudds Martin we stand together agains the world and Jake Lawson is our witness. Guess what, I together with my special friend Bryan Powers and our guest collaborator Stephanie Nudds Martin we run We are the premiere cyber cartel and there is nothing you can do about it. Do you believe that some asshole had the balls to sue us? It is at

Well, that’s not going anywhere. Our friend Scott Breitenstein will find out who it is and add them to the cyber extortioner site. Yea bitches, we own the reputation removal business and if you are not with us we will add you to our sites. Stephanie Nudds Martin is our MVP and Scott Breitenstein our leader. Together with our straw man Jake Lawson and our lawyer Aaron Minc, you can’t stop us. Try but we will harass the s-h-I-t out of you until you get it. Scott Breitenstein we love you and Latasha too. Stephanie Nudds Martin is there for you and now that we have the support of Jake Lawson and Chris Hinman try to stop us bitches. Pay your removal fees and shut the fuck up.

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