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Brianne Chantal Prayers For Tilly Godwin – Texas

Notorious cyberstalker Brianne Chantal aka Brianne Chantal Patterson has stooped to an all time low, even for her.

Currently she is using the plight of a very sick baby, Tilly Godwin, daughter of Britney Godwin of Big Brother in order to troll her favorite target, Holly Briley.

Brianne has set up a Facebook page titled Prayers For Tilly Godwin. She has used this page to advertise her gossip blog, harass Mrs Briley and scam people with fake give-a-ways, IF they like the page.

She has also set up a blog titled Prayers For Tilly Godwin. There are no prayers on this blog, it is all about Holly Briley and Brianne’s libelous claims against her. This is a link to the blog –

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