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Bobbee Finkel steals from Senior Citizens – Las Vegas, NV. – Estate sales

Do NOT hire this “All American liquidation and estate sales” company owned by Bobbee Finkel and her boyfriend Jonathan Gleich.

The owners of this company steals from senior citizens who are downsizing their homes and moving into nursing homes because of sickness and old age.

Jonathan is a silent partner who sits in the background at all her sales. He’s the obese fat guy. You can’t miss him.

Jonathan was at the fake Jerry Lewis estate sale that took place on NOV 30 – DEC 2.

However, Jerry Lewis’s house was sold 8 months ago prior to the sale date, and none of the items inside the house belonged to Jerry Lewis, but Bobbee Finkel and Jonathan Gleich falsely advertised the items as Jerry Lewis’s estate items while falsely selling their own items. Not a single item belonged to the late celebrity Jerry Lewis. The cheap pressed wood furniture in the backyard belonged to Bobbee Finkel and Jonathan Gleich. Bobbee was telling customers to make checks payable to her name personally and not to her company name.

Bobbee brought her own furniture into the sale to so she can profit from Jerry Lewis’s name and profit off his celebrity status. Jerry Lewis would not own such horrid Walmart pressed wood furniture. It all belonged to Bobbee Finkel and her her boyfriend Jonathan Gleich.

Jonathan Gleich and Bobbee keeps getting these comments removed from facebook and other locations online, so we’ve relocated the comments to this website and other websites online, so Bobbee and Jonathan won’t be able to get the comments removed.

The posts are the truth and people should know the truth about this dishonest person Bobbee Finkel and Jonathan Gleich and their estate sale company.

Here is their website.

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