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Bobbee Finkel – Las Vegas, NV., – All American liquidation estate sales.

Ms. Bobbee Finkel owns an estate sale company in Las Vegas, called “All American Liquidation and estate sales”.
Bobbee is a lesbian girl with a man name.

Don’t hire Bobbee Finkel for your estate sales. She steals from her clients. She does not use a cash register for her sales and she does not put prices on her items. She only accepts cash and she steals the money.

Bobbee is suppose to only take 30% of the sold items. But she takes more like 95%.

She’s a bisexual lesbian and a horrible mean woman.

After listening to the way Ms. Bobbie Finkel was screaming and yelling at the sale guests, I felt like grabbing Bobbee Finkel (Barbara Finkel) by her neck and beating the shit out of her.

I can’t stand Bobbee Finkel. Don’t hire her. Hire a different company.

There are a tremendous amount of other complaints about her on Yelp, so be sure to read them.

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