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Amber Tyree and Scott Burke – Washington

Both of these poor excuses of humans, will steal from their own grandparents, parents, he’ll they have stolen from their own abandoned kids. Do not trust these individuals, if and when they get out of prison, Amber could already be out, and is crazy as hell. She will continue to tweak while waiting for Scott to get out. If you see these people stay clear, they are drug addicts who stop at nothing to steal everything they can get their sticky hands on. They have been wanted in multiple states on multiple warrants for guess what? Thievery, assault, burglary, and drugs…. they pay no child support, and don’t have jobs ever. Leeches on society. Do not trust these two CONS…..

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  • Hi this is little slanderous were isbthis proof of assault and of stealling from family these two years stole from corporations and gave to the poor they cooked food for homeless in the parking lot of a grocery store that is well known yes they stole and gave TV’s and computers to people that cant afford them yes and they have paid a heavy price for ther actions but as u type and or read all this … think about how this great country has made it to be the way it is ohhhh ya that’s right cuz if u wear a suite it’s not stealing it’s called Senate or government wow keep working in the small potatoes and feed the brain wash of conformity fuck that kill me first

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