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Clarence Freeman — Fort Worth, Texas

Clarence Freeman #freemanorganics is a liar, a cheat, and a User. He dates women for two or three months, he asks for money and says he has five kids at home and he needs help but he never tells you about the WOMAN that lives with him. He got a house built off of money from women. When he says I’ll pay you back he doesn’t. He block’s your calls and you from social media or any way of contacting him. He says women pay him just to be in his presence and he doesn’t sleep around lol… If he was sleeping with me and he lives with someone he sleeps around. When confronted with his lies he gets angry and calls you bad name’s and tries to put you down. He has a record as long as your arm. He’ll also say, if another woman he’s been scamming has the same pictures as you, she got them off the internet… lol… Just another lie… I have pictures from his child hood and nude that aren’t on the internet.

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  • This is all true!!!I was sucked into his con, stay away from him ladies he has been doing this for many years. He will disappear still owing you money and then call you like he just spoke to yesterday. I thought I was only one.

  • 😂😂😂😂 I wonder if this is why he has disappeared from social media. Poor fella. I met him at his job (he’s a truck driver for Kroger) but I wasn’t too interested in him due to the amount of kids he has (for the record it’s more than 5 kid he has some in FL) and also if you Google his name both him & his father’s criminal “background” pops up (in Florida). As the poster stated he does indeed live with a lady by trade she’s a talented beautician at Dallas Dolls (she’s on instagram their kids are in a few of her snapshots…. but pls don’t bring any drama to her… Clarence is the issue not her) according to him she’s been with him since she was 19 which means he’s in her head & she’s not going ANYWHERE… Heck he’s even had a baby on her (his youngest boy).

      • I hope his wife is making him pay child support at the max amount the law allows (25% of his income). She might as well benefit from this low life’s cheating and scamming whether she needs it or not. Maybe she can get her a new house built off of him. Lol!!!!!

          • She must be letting his attorney handle everything, in which case, she is short changing herself. Because when I divorced, I was getting 25% of my exes income before divorce was final. It was outlined in the temporary child support order along with the divorce filing. After divorce was final, I had it garnished from his wages, because I didn’t want to hear “I don’t have the child support payment this week”. She probably should be getting almost double what he’s paying a month, if not more. I’ve heard Kroger pays well! But I’m sure he’s a slick talker or has intimidate her in some way. Since he didn’t care enough to be committed, but instead chose cheating, lying and scamming, this would be his payback. He needs to experience what he dishes out.

    • He just got exposed yesterday. The lady R—— that he has been staying with and talking to for the last six months didn’t know he had been talking to me as well since December. He told her he just bought groceries from me. That was more than a lie. He has never gotten money out of me or beat me out of anything but he got thousands from her to help remodel the floors and paint the walls in the house he hasn’t even been staying in for the past month or so. I talked to her. So he can’t lie. Sent pics as proof. He is a mess and too old for these kinds of games. He even tries to force the adult kids to participate in his cons. He has 16 children total. He admitted to me he was a con artist. But has never tried to get anything from me. He takes advantage of women who are vulnerable. Stay far away.

      • She didn’t even kick him out after finding out he was cheating and using her for money. They are staying together. Poor Rhonda.

        • Clearly Rhonda is DESPERATE for a man even if he’s piece of a man and a joke. Clarence Freeman is going to suck every penny she owns and pad his bank account. Then on to the next woman he can con. When he gets through with her she will not have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. You heard it here first. What a DAMN fool. This man has no conscious and will not care how she survives after he has gone through her money. Instead of conning/scamming women he needs to seek therapy, because his issues are deep.

      • I wonder if Rhonda knows he’s on Tagged dating app. My friend saw his profile yesterday. He actually has 2 but with fake generic pictures right now. Although he’s available to chat. On one he goes by Mister and on the other Clarence F. He has 16 kids? Did they not make condoms in Florida? 🙄This man is pathetic and sad. Oh what tangled webs we weave in order to deceive.😂

  • Post is true. Someone I know was conned by this man. He uses countless hard luck stories to gain sympathy which is his manipulation tactic to prey upon you. When you loan him money, he WILL NOT pay you back. When you press him about the money, he becomes angry and aggressive, he name calls, he belittles you and borders on bullying and intimidation. He knows the rules and how to work the system to his advantage. He blocks your calls so you can’t continue to contact him about the money. Clarence Freeman has been conning women for many years, so this is a way of life for him. He has many judgements against him: March 1998 – Judgement filed $1598, January 2008 – Judgement filed $267, January 2008 – Judgement filed $345, February 2015 – Judgement filed $1402.20. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as his father in recent years just finished up a prison stint for trying to extort money from a superintendent in Florida. This man is incapable of loving ANYONE, but himself. Do not entertain this man, because you will be inundated with his many financial woes. He seeks out women ONLY for financial gain, so please run Forest run!

  • Yeah. He is something else. We talked for about 6 months. When we first met he acted like I was this great woman and that he wanted to get to know me. Six months later, let’s just say he was too busy working, and dealing with baby mommas dramas to actually spend time with me. Talking to me all crazy all because I asked him if he had time for me. Well, finally the truth has come to the surface and I will keep it moving. I gave him the benefit of a doubt when I first met him. Oh well. Lesson learned.

  • As of Jan 23, 2018 Clarence Freeman III married Khaliah Britt (just search his name) and you can view the copy of their SIGNED marriage license on ( this is public information by the way. You can also get their current address from Perhaps you all can take him to small claims court to recoup your borrowed funds.

    8917 Jewel Flower Dr, Ft Worth,TX 76131

  • He filed for divorce sometime last year, but right now he is having a custody battle over the baby boy. So divorce isn’t finalized. He has tons of problems. Drama and financial. At least 7 biological kids living in DFW. More back in Florida. He won’t admit how many he has or how many times he has been married, but it has been multiple times as well.