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Joanne Roy — Virginia

Joanne Roy met my husband while they were both stationed in Ava and they deployed to Italy. For 16 years, she and my husband on/off communication/sexting and god only knows about encounters, she has been a cancer. I’ve reach out only twice 11 years apart explaining nicely to please respect that he’s married. Her first response was “I’m sorry. I had no idea.” Through my entire marriage she chose to disregard my status with him. Even engaging in conversations where they would laugh at me and talk about things he couldn’t stand about me. Both laughing at me and how crazy I am for looking her up time to time on LinkedIn, never messaging her. Last I knew I had that right.

The last episode was my husband left for “pt” while I was making our sons their school lunches, their cell phones were lighting up like crazy with messages. Turns out my husband didn’t log out of his iTunes on their phones and their setting messages were going to our sons!! I screen shorted the entire conversation and emailed it to 4 people including myself. Then hippies into their chat and let my presence be known. I typed in the phone number on Facebook and low and behold. Joanne. So I called her.

She tells him. He tells her not to answer. Ok. I fell apart. He rushed home begged for me to forgive him and immediate called and texted her telling her she wasn’t worth losing his wife and sons. I waited a couple weeks then messaged her. Firmly telling her I’ve had it with her and if she continued to be a 3rd wheel I would go to her superior. She had he balls to to utilize Authority of bullying and told me I don’t know who I’m messing with what she’s capable of and told me she will sue me for harassment! Wow! Then states to me I’m confirming her original thoughts of me and proving how crazy I am by contacting her.

Her husband cheated on her. I get it. She’s ugly as f*ck. She adopted a kid and if I understood it correctly she’s a counselor! Whose the crazy one?! She lies low and keeps herself all cozied in while I suffer and go to counseling to work through the pain anger and grief I wouldn’t have if she could have woman enough to be the one to end it. Selfish, pathetic lonely whore with no regard for my sons not myself. In fact she made that clear with her comment”I don’t care what you and him have together or how many kids, I suggest you leave him.”

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  • I know about this situation and the girl that posted this her name is Denyell Vasquez and she is lying. Denyell didn’t mention that when she met her husband he was also married to someone else and dating this girl at the same time. Denyell and her now husband Johnny were having an affair also when she met him but she isn’t mentioning that. She helped ruin his first marriage, she didn’t care that his first wife had a kid either at the time. What’ goes around comes around. Truth is her husband has been cheating on her their entire marriage and she wants to blame everyone but him. She is a pathetic self centered whore, she tries to do everything she can to look better for her husband hoping he won’t cheat but no matter what she does she still looks gross to him. Denyell Vasquez needs to stop blaming other people for what her husband does and stop lying about other people trying to make them look bad when she doesn’t know the entire truth. She can’t except that her husband doesn’t want her anymore and is staying with her until their kids are grown so he can leave.

    • I would like to take a moment to set this record straight. This post, in its entirety, is false. My husband and his ex wife were separated in 2001. Their divorce was final in 2003. Court papers, CSEA monthly statements, annual taxes, and dates of separation filing and divorce decree and GI Bill w/ Yellow Ribbon Act transferred almost 10 years for their sons college prove so. 3 semesters were required of my husband to pay. So who really covered that one? But she applied for fafsa. And received it anyways. The irony of this whole thing is while going over all of the records and statements- she actually OWES us tens of thousands of dollars for OVERRAGES and alimony he paid monthly when the decree stated neither party was even receive or pay it to the other. But she took him to court 3 times over the years fighting for it. Even two tax offsets that we never disputed. His ex wife, Lena is the one that abandoned the marriage, packed up just about all of their shared belongings and their toddler son left the East Coast and flew back to Hawaii where she is from. She did this while he was deployed. I only met my husband 3 months or so AFTER. I did not reside in the state of which this took place. I was residing 10 hours South of them.I was at that time contracted with an international airport and was retrograding back to my residence after unfortunately being one of the many- who faced 9/11. While headed back South, I looked up a childhood friend stationed in this state their marriage took its ugly turn in. She took me to a bar where we caught up with each other’s lives and that is where I met my husband. She in fact, is the reason he and I are married and share the life we’ve made with our children because when he asked me for my phone number I told him no. She then snuck it to him where he called me the next day. After many “ons and offs”, and plane tickets to visit me, we merged our lives. We purposely requested orders for Hawaii to be in the life of their son. We did that twice. First time, she panicked and moved off island the week we got there- leaving their then 4 year old son with us for months. Eventually coming for him and resided in L.A. once we moved off island, she returned and reestablished herself. The attempts made on our end to even have her uphold her responsibilities per their divorce decree, were almost non existent until she remarried and her then new husband encouraged her to listen to me give things a chance. We met at each other’s homes, parks and even shopped together and had each other over for dinners. It was a great set up and all of children reaped the benefits. Once he left her, she changed. The whole thing did. She met someone else got engaged, and I believe he also left her. She began verbally attacking me on social media, refusing visits, and once we executed new orders, she showed her true colors. She’s now in her 3rd husband- with an engagement before him- and this is how she chooses to be. Last year, all her money from us stopped. Maybe this is her bitterness I’m not sure. We could’ve counter sued her for what is rightfully my husbands and much my own as well. My husband chose to not do that to her. Emails, photos, baby albums all show a man that would’ve given her and their son the world- but she ruined it. Her loss. My gain. The ONLY catch to this evil post of me is that it resembles the wording of another post created of me . By a woman claiming to be my husbands ex wife. Coincidence the wording is so similar. Allegedly, the Joanne is someone for a brief time, had casual friendship with my husband before I met him. Wether or not he was married or separated from his ex wife is not my business. Once he and I were married, we moved a month later to Hawaii and All I knew of her existence is that she had “psychotic tendencies”. Years later, he reached out to her through email and she responded I just happened to be the one who caught that email because we shared an email account so I replied to it and let her know he was remarried and she apologized. I was cool and she was cool. I did of course ask him about it and he told me to read the original. A few years back, i noticed her name again Because she was viewing my social media. and I contacted her telling her enough already. She was less than classy about it but oh well. Immediately following that- all of my social media and my email associated with them were compromised and I never got them back. I lost all the photos of my children. My parents. Memories of places and people. Gone. My mother died that same year and it would’ve been a beautiful comfort to have them to look at and print for frames. My father died 2 weeks after this very post of a heart attack as well and again- all the memories leading up to me losing my Accounts access Gone. Either way- according to the other website I’ve been put on allegedly ranting about chaos and dramatic unfoldings, 3 years ago based on date-Published here we are. All I know of her is that she seems to be manipulative. If she posted these claiming to be someone else, that’s impersonation. The malicious intent supported
      With lies of me is also illegal. Which is why I have sought legal representation. I don’t care what people think of me- I do care to not have my husband portrayed as a deadbeat father. If he said or did anything listed here above, he has to live with that. But I know beyond measures- I’m a beautiful woman that doesn’t even like makeup let own need it. I’m also blessed with good genes so, where the comments of my body stem from I’m not even gonna ask- at any time- he could’ve chose her. I did see her picture and he confirmed
      It was her. With all due respect, it’s not me that would benefit from makeup. I’m treated like a queen and I always come first to him after our children- it’s the way it should be. How am I even on a cheaters website? Oh well- Whichever her posted this or whichever her he allegedly said these things to- noones holding him to stay. But our children may be faced with her words one day and that’s where our lawyers come in. This is for our children. 🕊🤍.