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Gypsy thief and liar

Ruth Ann Midi is a rude, white-trash, sadistic,calculating and nasty piece of shit with a victim complex, pagan following freak that worships the devil but hides behind Mother Theresa, Mary Oliver quotes to fool gullible people.
The 78 year old with the witch,devil face is a: fraud,sociopath,pathological liar. She has gone through dozens of men, groups of friends like a parasite because she has not worked a legitimate job a single day of her insignificant life. The creepy
feminist will get under your skin,take your savings and blow it all and do it all over again and smiles about it with a big grin. In fact, she makes up bogus credentials but she’s just New Jersey trash with a family with over hundreds of felonies and misdeamonors between their own kin– living off welfare and doesn’t try to be productive citizens being the bottom feeders they are. The list of felonies includes larceny, auto theft, manufacturing and selling dangerous controlled substances, selling food stamps, petty theft, assault, liens, a handful of evictions, multiple judgments for failing to pay
large sums of money to banks, lenders and much more and to do it all over again after being released from jail;this is such a waste of tax-payers’ money and resources while allowing people as such to continue harming others with frequent drug usage and erratic behavior that comes with it.
They are the lowest of low and can be seen getting loaded on heroin and cocaine driving around town like a maniac looking for their next dose of angel dust or anything they can get their hands on.

A note to the general public, your hard-working tax dollars are going to this degenerate, so she can use the free money she gets for leisure but in fact is very mentally ill and deranged, a degenerate and has deliberately used public assistance to fund her lifestyle. She expects others to pay for stupid mistakes as well and never once in her life admits to being at fault for anything and has a habit of using her age to make people feel pity. She’s so desperate for money she would do anything for it such as fraud and taking advantage of good natured people and charities. She routinely resorts to degradation, lying and theft to survive as she feels a great sense of entitlement!
Don’t fall for her fake “life-coach” practice because she’ll feed you some New- Age drivel covered in a cesspool of lunancy and make you go astray and physically, mentally and financially ill from it. In fact, she’s actually stands for everything against the natural order, touting Neo-Paganism, shamanism beliefs and Lauren Artress while mocking the Christian faith.
She’ll use her made up illness for sympathy as well as the whore can’t seem to get her story straight, so you’ll donate some money. Often, you can see her making up some sob story to panhandle and swindle strangers as well.
It’s unbelievable that this elderly woman can still be such a mean-spirited bitch while preaching “kindness.” She also has a habit of writing fake checks so your account will bounce and her way of life is just shameful and sinful, consistently finding ways to defraud government entities, charities, everyday people because she’s an opportunist and a demon masked in a veil of fraility. All her friends are messed up in the head as well and feed into the stupid idea of salvation through spirit guides and gurus that just prey on lost and insecure people.

The only place suitable for this person is in a mental ward,or left to burn in a field because people like this are a symbol of the demise of the natural order–a symbol of hate and evil itself.
Look at how many different aliases she has: Ruth Ann Kohan, Ruth Ann Miserendino, Ruth Ann Shank, Ruth Ann Forman which means she can’t be trusted. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about this phony. A person that moves so often is usually hiding something and doesn’t want you to see their true colors because this creature lacks morals and accountability for anything. If you see this gypsy around don’t bother helping her out because she’ll make you miserable.
In the past 10-20 years, she’s changed residence multiple times moving from NJ,South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Northern California setting up multiple Po Boxes and 11 different residences to continue her scams. Don’t bother renting out your room to her as she’ll take your credit card and use them, steal your cash and snoop around your residence for whatever she can get her hands on to sell because she’s destitute and always will be.
She’s always doing shitty things and there’s a special place in hell for liars and scammers like this. Let me ask you this, where do you think you’ll end up when die, Ruth? Do you honestly think prayer walks will allow you to heal and repent for your sins? You are mistaken and foolish and quite frankly it’s laughable. Your only hope for salvation is to stop lying, manipulating and feeling the world owes you something. This is a prime example of a parasitic pest infestation that doesn’t contribute anything valuable to society.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you about this vile, heavily medicated and ugly creature with paranoia schizoprenia and delusions.
Evil comes in all shapes,sizes, age and race.