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Alice Villalobos Pawspice

Huge Murder Veterinarian and Mental Sickness Warning!!

Veterinarian Alice Villalobos is a creepy pet murder with disturbing mental sickness!!! If you have recognized her for being super sweet and honey mouthed as many customers have noted, be careful, this is not a blessing but rather mental disorder trait. This lying monster bitch is a master back stabbed and hungry money grabber.

Don’t be fooled by her “self claimed reputation”. It is a fake front to cover up the ugly and the sins. Alice Villalobos has intentionally tortured animals during procedures so as to manually create disease that needs monthly $$$ to treat so she can rip the money. She even tried to kill animals by prescribing not needed medication and over dosing it so as to not only be able to kill the animal but also create bigger medication bills. Upon checking the pharmacy, it was found out Alice Villalobos has lied about the dosage and also put a higher charge to her customer than the real bill.

This cold blood killer even managed to pretend how much she cares about the animal she tried so many times to harm, kill and rip off!!! Her behaviors are no different than those you see in a thriller movie. Even after the animal has died because of her intentional murder, she managed to blow sweet smiles as if she is innocent to the pet owner at the court!!!! Note she has demonstrated many traits of a psychopathic evil. She even donate to charity, with the money she stole from pet owners. It is for the show and for her own gain – and to cover up her deep, gross sins.

Go to hell Murder vet Alice Villalobos. And along with your fake reputation. As soon many people will know who you really are. Sooner or later you will see karma blowing up in your face before you even lay in your own deathbed.

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