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Sneaky Deanna Michelle Brown

This scank is one sneaky little number who goes after anyone who will entertain her for an hour or two. Look at that face and body and it is pretty apparent she is abusing herself with hard living. She has unprotected sex with multiple partners, drinks like a fish and does drugs. Shes in and out of jail like a revolving door. And she is a home wrecker by sneaking around with other women’s husbands. What a tramp by her own choosing. She lives and partys like she is in high school with no responsibility, but she is a wore out tramp who wants a man to pay her way. Youll regret getting tied up with this mess!


  • This tramp is one sneaky, manipulative con artist. She uses everyone! She treats everyone like dog shit. You cannot help this women so don’t even try. Its all a game to her. Let her rot!

  • Deanna has gone through countless men, spends her time trying desparately to hang on to her honey holes by sexing them over and over. And she is one scary woman in looks and attitude. Move on and have no regrets.

  • One dirty disgusting woman who is a tramp inside and out. She is only 37 but she looks like she is on her death bed because of the hard living and self abusive life she chooses to live. A complete slut by bedding way too many men back to back.

  • Scank is too good of a word to describe this tramp. She will never treat any man right because she is way too into herself. She is real user

  • Trying to get the warning out about this lying, robbing, hooker, using, drunk and meth head so she doesn’t devastate any more lives in Central Florida like she already has and got away with it.

  • This tramp has done enough to hurt marriages and families in and around Sanford, Florida. Its time she is called out for her low down homewrecking life she thinks is her right to live. She is one using little manipulator who doesn’t give two shits about anyone but herself. She is nothing more than a drunk and meth head hooking to keep her habits going.

  • Hoping the few men left who haven’t been screwed by Deanna M Brown will read these comments and get away with their lives in tact. She brings nothing but headaches and heartaches. She is in and out of jail constantly, hooking most days of the week with so many men she cant dodge getting a serious STD to pass around, she is a using junkie, a drunk if she gets her hands on a bottle, has the worst foul mouth that will make you cringe to hear, robs and steals people blind, and like a real sicko calls up the wives of the men she is screwing around with and screams at them to let their husbands continue to see her. Deanna is so messed up in the head!

  • You are very naïve if you swallow her pack of lies. Look at her picked over face full of pot holes and look in her mouth at all her missing teeth. This little lady is a meth addict who has been offered help but refused it. All she wants to do is continue conning men into financing her partying and pay her cell phone bill so she can call all the men she is screwing and her drug dealers. If you have any sense, run from this using hooking tramp.

  • Deannas junk is so smelly, nasty and wore out she ought to put it into retirement instead of out on the street for sale every day.

  • Deanna instead of pretending you are not a revolting middle aged tramp, look in the mirror to see what others see, get into rehab, get a real job, and quit your lying and stealing and home wrecking.

  • Deanna is so repulsive she ought to retire her stinky ass body, but she is still out peddling her wore out sloppy stuff on the street corner.

  • If you want to keep any of your self respect and sanity, then I would avoid Deanna Brown like the plague. There is nothing more to this hooker than to be a manipulative using hustler. You will just become another victim of hers.

  • Deanna should have paid attention in health class instead of skipping school all the time then she would understand why she will be a carrier (if not already) of some serious STDs and spreading them around to a whole lot of men because she is going around Central Florida having unprotected sex in every form with a god lot of people and pretending she is some cute party girl when she is nothing more than an ugly middle aged wore out sloppy hag who has seen better days. Seriously, Deanna should be keep in jail for longer periods to save the population around here from exposure to her.

    • This is the same jealous girl writing all the comments over and over!!! It’s hilarious to read!!!
      The girl took your man get over it!! It’s pathetic

      • If Deanna really believes what you wrote, then clearly she is clueless and you should have told her the hard truth. If Deanna isn’t asked to move in and start living with her man or been given a diamond ring fpr her finger then she doesn’t “have:” any man at all. If on the other hand if all that seems to happen is nothing much more than being picked up off the street to go party and have sex for an afternoon and then dropped back off on the street with a few bucks for her trouble, then all day long its call prostitution, not a relationship. Pass it along.

  • Its clear Deanna has killed off more than a few brain cells and her reasoning is clearly checked out. She has no man at all and never had a man. When every outing a man takes her on has an expectation that she will get sloppy drunk and end with having his penis in her mouth, she should recognize that all men see her as is a sleazy slut. No man respects her, no man wants to come home to her, no man wants to build a life with her and no man wants to grow old with her because they all know and say the same thing , that Deanna is just an old wh**e.

  • How pathetic the only one writing on this website is the jealous fat bitch that I stole her husband and still fucking him!! He left your ass and you can’t stand that IM THE ONE HE WANTED!! He said you were fat and stunk like hell down there!! Bwhahahahaha

    • Deanna you ought to slap yourself into reality. Where are all these men that want you, (haha yeah), every one has run like Hell and they don’t ever come back. And the ones that did want you paid for your services, not because they gave two cents about you as a person. The men have all said all you do is bring a man to the lowest point of his life hands down and a point where they knew they had reached rock bottom to even consider getting tied up with such an ugly old fouled mouth nobody junkie prostitute who is a complete pain in the ass to know. The guys you get are ones like the man who said you could stay at his place if you would agreed to cook and clean naked as the condition? That is what men think of you, nothing more than the town slut. The wives don’t need to say anything to defend themselves against your slander coming from your big obnoxious mouth because their husbands have already bragged about them over and over and over to all their buddies and at work all the time. And unlike you, they have plenty of self esteem to know they are desired because they are great women. Don’t know who you are making up about being fat but no wife I know is over weight or out of shape so you ought to stop your blabbering nonsense,
      Your frustration is showing over the life you have made for yourself. Deanna you should consider using your pea brain more often and your over worked vagina a lot less if you have any hope of catching a man for yourself. Prostituting yourself to married men is NOT going to get you any one. You have turned yourself into a throw away tramp which is why you need to quit making a fool of yourself by hollering that you stole someone’s husband which you have not. Your are a very confused person if you really think giving out BJs and other sexual deeds in some dump means you are in a relationship of any kind other than one of being a prostitute and a john.

    • I just cant ignore this post Deanna. Are you so brain dead and your ego is so fragile that telling yourself you stole someones husband is your way of making yourself seem like a real catch. Again you just told every decent person out there you are a home wrecking slut in your own words. Just to give you some advice, no man and I mean no man will ever want a life with a 37 year old Broke Loser, Junkie and Jail Bird, who has laid way too many men, and given out too many BJs to count. A woman who doesn’t even have a way to drive herself to a discount store like Ross and buy herself a dress off the Clearance rack, or either grovels for some hand me down crap dress the owner didn’t even like, then goes post a pic and begs everyone to please tell her how nice she looks. You are the one that goes shoplifts her clothes then puts on her stolen stuff and thinks aint I adorable when everyone can plainly see you are just a old stomach turning dog before your time because of your boozing and substance abuse. FYI, this is the reason why men cut you off completely when they wake up to your nonsense. You are an evil person in so many ways and if you don’t change, you are destine to rot in Hell for your wickedness. And you look like youre already halfway there so my advice is to make some serious changes soon as possible.

    • You are just too stupid for words. You are so ignorant I see now why you are a prostitute because that dead brain of yours aint got enough going on in there to do anything else. You are a complete dumb ass which explains everything about you.

    • Yeah Deanna Brown we are all jealous of all your joy rides in the back of a sheriff cruiser in handcuffs, the cozy little jail cells with nice thick bars you were so fortunate to be booked in, the exciting court dates you got to be sentenced in, having a kind probation officer willing to look after you for a time, the holes in your face, rickety old body and missing teeth from your many foggy trips on meth, wishing we could all enjoy a few more laughs when you act so stupid being high and drunk, all the men who were so blessed that you let them use your vagina for a quickie, and all the BJs you gave out to help out so many Everyone is so jealous of all the money you cant seem to get your hands on, the degrading way you live and act, and so green with envy of your reputation as the town slut and the STDs you are likely carrying, Maybe just maybe there is someone out there living under a rock that would be jealous of you, but very very unlikely.

    • Poor Deanna having such a hard time calculating the simple math to figure out her budget. She is trying to estimate how many BJs she has to give in order to earn enough to pay her monthly cell phone bill Then on to more advanced math of figuring out how many men she will have to lay to be able to sleep on a real mattress. Folks can anyone help?

    • The more we hear about you the more everyone is aware of how ugly a person you are, inside and out! How do you live with yourself? Really??? You sound like a complete idiot! on top of being a scummy hooker. No one has anything nice to say about you. This is the impression you are leaving with everyone, that you are one nasty piece of trash.

  • Watch out gentlemen if this two bit hoe gets a hold of your phone number because she will pop it into her phone contact list under favorites and start her robo call dialing for dollars campaign. And she wont let up. She has a whole chest full of made up stories (all lies) to get your sympathy to work those dollars out of your wallet. If you think tele-marketers are annoying, then you haven’t experienced Deanna Brown.

  • FYI Deanna, an ankle bracelet from Orange and Seminole Counties is not jewelry, a nice diamond ring on your ring finger is, that is a big difference in you having a man. But of course you will never see that will you Deanna, because you aint never going to have a man. You just have sexual exchanges for cash.

  • Poor Deanna Brown just doesn’t know the differences in relationship status. Giving a man head and screwing around with him for a couple hours here and there is not having him which is the reason he comes and goes based on what he is getting from you, which is sex only. Getting drunk and going to some cheap motel or other dive is not where a man takes a woman he cares about. It is where he takes a woman he doesn’t respect at all. You called it right Deana, all you are doing is f**king around and gaining nothing but a bad reputation and a body that looks like it is rode hard and put away wet. Look at yourself, you have nothing to show at all for the number of men you have laid. You are broke and destitute and grow uglier with each passing day. And you don’t have any man to call your own either. You ought to ask yourself why do you continue down this road?

  • Oh really where oh where is this husband you stole Deanna? Not a couple picture in sight, not a couples trip on the calendar, no family introductions, not an engagement announcement, no plans to leave his wife. no plans over an above an afternoon with you going down, is that what you consider having a man? How low can you go with yourself girl. You are to be pitied because you cant even recognize just how pitiful and empty your life has become. Your statement screams “I am a worthless person” who no one wants except to use my mouth and c^^t for their pleasure and then to be dumped off until the next go round. Think about your life Deanna, who are you to anyone?

  • Deanna according to your own definition you must think you stole half the men in Central Florida since as you say if you are f***king them then you have them. But I doubt not a one of these men would agree with you. It appears that the only ass they used and left was yours.

  • Deanna Brown is nothing but a lazy bum who does nothing but mooch off people she has duped into helping her. What 37 year old who has no other reason but her own laziness doesn’t work and hold down a job but has no problem dragging her lazy ass down to the welfare office to sign up and receive food stamps and then spends her days just loafing around? That’s Deanna, always looking for a free ride. Hopefully word will get out and she will get cut off from working people.

  • Agree, if you get with Deanna Brown, you can expect that you will do ALL the hard work to earn a living and she will sit on her ass with her hand out for her share. She is a worthless bum who aint got nothing worth it.

  • Heres a thought Deanna, next time you get arrested use those facilities at the Dept. of Corrections to take a shower and clean all the grit off your neck and grime behind your ears and butt crack. And please wash that greasy stringy stuff you call hair on your head. Its repulsive! Your complexion needs a good scrubbing probably a few times over and next time you shop lift get some actual good quality make up to mask your pot holes instead of that cheap cake you pile on. Instead of getting your next hustle to buy you booze and drugs, ask him to make a dental appt. for you before you become a toothless wonder. Sorry but there is nothing much that can be done about your over worked sloppy wide vagina so maybe give it a rest and only focus on BJs. It will keep the men from telling jokes about you so much.

  • This supposed man that wants you so bad sure is staying hidden from everypne like nobody’s business. Is he invisible Deanna? Possibly a figment of your imagination like all your other lies?

  • Deanna here are three little but powerful words you will never hear from all these men you believe you can screw enough to care about you, they are “I Love You!” These words will always be missing from your life because of the way you live it.

  • And to address your fragile weak ego, I wouldn’t talk about anyone being fat and trying to make it an insult which just isn’t true. There isn’t a woman ought there that isn’t better looking than you with your clammy, blackhead uneven skin tone skin, your cricky anemic untoned body shape from your drug filled diet, your rum nose from all your boozing, your greasy and stringy no body limp hair with no style, your horrible crater zit filled complexion, your sunken eyes with undereye bags and the furrowing lines in your face and neck from your steady bad diet and lack of skin care. Upon first impression, it isn’t hard at all to know right away you are a junkie and a prostitute just from your looks alone.

  • When a man can determine and feel it is okay to approach you and ask if youre a working girl i.e. a prostitute, it is because of the way you conduct yourself and your appearance. No decent nice looking woman would ever hear that from a random man. Just saying Deanna.

  • Deanna if you can beg your family to forgive you and take you back, just go home to Ohio and straighten out your life. Hooking for chump change from man to man out of some low rent motel along 17-92 is no way to live. You are at deaths door and it shows in your face. Wake up and realize all you do with your time is destroy yourself and other people and their lives. You are paying and will continue to pay dearly for the way you live and what you have done to other people.

  • Better watch out Deanna, you know the fat bitch you keep referring to in all your rants? Well she has been stealing your customers. The men said they were glad to be upgraded from your stinky dirty wore out merchandise.

  • Since Deanna is such a witch, she is just giddy about Halloween coming up. It is the only day of the entire year she can go around as her natural self which is grimy filthy stringy clumpy hair and nasty dirty body and uncrushed teeth and dirty nails and look somewhat normal. And being high and acting strange will be most likely acceptable for a few hours. Unfortunately, nothing changes for this witch the next day, she is still fine with being her ugly rotten self the rest of the year.

  • Deanna doesn’t seem to know that the sleazy low rent motel she does her business out of doesn’t charge extra for water since she seems afraid to take a shower. How can anyone roll around with so much crude on her and actually enjoy anything? Maybe that’s why the men are switching to just Bjs. Deanna go get a real legitimate job and quit your disgusting life.

  • Deanna is all about exploiting a mans weakness and she is good at figuring out what it is and going in for the juggler. Shes done man after man in, ruining countless marriages and families, for her nothing other than her own selfishness. This tramp thinks she deserves every other womans man because it is her way of soothing her bruised and fragile ego to think she has stolen some man away from his relationship. The truth is Deanna is such a disgusting person that she has a revolving door and actually cant keep any man at all. Every one bails and dumps her ass. She has nothing to give any man over and above a BJ. She always is on the take and she will play mind games to keep taking, taking, taking like the true money grabber she is as a person. If you want a complete loser in life, deadbeat mother, family ***ker over, home wrecker, jailbird, junkie, alcoholic, no personal hygiene stinky, wore out ugly dog hooker, then this would be the only reason for hooking up with this stomach turning slore.

  • Yeah Deanna keep trying to go around rewriting history like it is only one woman after you and spreading lies about you as a person. You know all you do is lie, con and scheme people. You don’t even have one example of treating anyone decent, no not one. You are a user and conniver all the way.

  • If we can save even one guy from being defrauded and a victim of Deanna, we will see our job is done. Deanna Brown has used, connived, manipulated, conned, deceived, tricked, exploited, misled, tricked, duped, and strung along too many men to name them all. She is always looking for fresh meat because she has burned out so many others. Men to her are there to finance her, lifestyle and she will tell you layers upon layers of lies to get you positioned right, to provide things for her and to do her bidding. Deanna believes engaging in some very disappointing sexual favors is worth the exchange for you becoming her do=boy but it is so sorry it will be a nightmare much more than a memory.

  • Keep on pounding those streets and working the men around Seminole Co. Florida and we will keep on exposing your prostituting, using, drug dealing, drunk, no drive to do anything with your life self to everyone that should know.

  • You forgot one thing Deanna in all your bragging, Sanford, FL is a small town where people know each other, and we have heard what really was going on with you. They talk about all your lies and that you told so many you couldn’t keep the facts straight then on top of that all the drama you could talk about without shutting up, so they said it was a game to them and they would tell you as many lies, and then lies to keep you away. They said getting away from you was like getting their first breath of fresh air. So quit your tall tales Deanna, no one wanted you or wants you now. Your supposed men are more than done with you, except for the few random tricks you still pull on the side of the road.

  • One thing you will never see Deanna doing is something productive. What you will see this stalker leech doing is sucking a man for every dollar she can squeeze out of his wallet.

  • The reason why no one has anything good to say about Deanna Michelle Brown is because she is consistently backstabbing someone. Deanna is so self absorbed with herself there is no room in her brain to think about anyone else. Her party life, drug habit, drinking binges, trash talking, and home wrecking are the highest priorities to Deanna. This lying stealing big mouth sloppy sex prostituting junkie is someone you never want to let into your life. She is a nightmare all the way around.

  • Deanna I doubt anyone is asking you to their holiday dinner since you are all about sabotaging families which goes against the spirit of the holidays, Spend the day in some sleazy grimy motel room with a scumbag man. instead of our husbands you slut.

  • There is a reason why men sneak around to get serviced by Deanna Brown. It is because she is as cheap as they come and so desperate that she will always be available at your beck and call.for a BJ The other reason for the sneaking is that just like me no man ever wants anyone else to connect him in any way to her. Everyone around these parts knows who she is and what she is so its pretty embarrassing to say you even know this hoe. She only serves one purpose and there is no truth that anyone desires her or wants her as a companion. She hasn’t had a man by her side for years. She talks like she may go back to her former husband but we laugh because Im quite sure he was glad to get rid of her a long time ago and doesn’t want any part of her now. Deanna is a deadbeat mother, a bum, a drug addict, an alcoholic, and not mentally stable. Who in the world would want to take on that kind of baggage? That’s why the men drop in, get done and get away as quick as they can. That’s the truth and not all the lies she puts out to anyone who even listens to her run her mouth.

  • This hoe keeps her red light on 24/7 and burns the midnight oil servicing too many men to number. Then she just wont let you rest with her robo-calling to blab her made up fake sob stories to get you to feel sorry enough to hand her some quick cash. She is a double dealing con artist on the take all the time. Tell her to get and hold down a real job like everyone else has to do.

  • Deanna the lazy dirt bag who wants to live off hard working men. So she thinks spreading her ugly ass legs and offer her nasty wore out c+++ is you are getting the better deal. Her stinky dirty no hygiene smelly hole is gross.

  • If what Deanna has to offer isn’t bad enough wait until you listen to that potty mouth of hers she runs constantly. The woman is a dumb ass who just drones on and on about nothing. She wont shut the hell up and take a breath and actually learn something. So that’s just a sample of what you get, a broke ass bum who hasn’t held down a real job and never looks for one, ever paid any of her own bills, took care of anyone other than herself, hasn’t kept a house but just hangs out in dumpy motel rooms and parties, hasn’t taken on any responsibility, stays drunk when the liquor is available and high when she can get her hands on any drugs, and screws around with any man that has a penis between his legs (working or not) and a wallet in his back pocket. Deanna is just a despicable person.

  • The only time Deanna gets a square meal is when she gets picked up for her criminal activities which is pretty often. Otherwise she is out staying drunk and high and making trouble for the rest of the folks around here. Its hard to believe one person like Deanna can spread so much misery in one general area. Her ego is so frail that she thinks giving out BJs to someone elses husband means they desire her over their wives. Deanna is sick in the head and hasn’t had a boyfriend or any other partner for years. All she does is go around giving head and pretending she now has a boyfriend. Deanna needs some serious counseling, intensive rehab, and learn social protocol in how to treat others. She lacks basic respect for anyone else and just a greedy little messed up hoe.

  • Deanna sure likes to spin a story,,,, like pretending no one has a problem with her when EVERYBODY has a problem with her and her sorry ass ways she treats others. She is a complete dirt bag!!!!!

  • Like Ive said before and will say again, Deanna is nothing but low grade dog meat and looks like it too. Just google this slutty tramp and see all the dirt and ugliness she has spread around to so many. She is in and out of the slammer because she just cant stop being a dirt bag. She is a home wrecking sorry lay prostitute, full blown drug addict, alcoholic sloppy drunk, and a thief who is always trying to lift things that are not hers. She is a broke down and out bum who is in that predicament because she is too lazy to get up and go to work or even look for work. She is dead weight who looks for some poor sap to pay her way. She has nothing good to offer.

  • Deanna is always going to be a drain always being a blood sucking leech, a drain on your resources, a drain on your patience and tolerance, a drain on your emotions, a drain on your finances, a drain on your family, and a drain on your time. She is a taker and not a giver. She equates herself giving head transfers an an entitlement to everything you have worked for. She will always be working for more and more of your pie. What out for this predator.

  • Oh Deanna another lovely mug shot all over the internet. No wonder your family has disowned you along with your own daughter. You are a complete embarrassment to even acknowledge they are related to you. Keep running the men through your dive of a motel room, keep doing your meth, keep up your boozing, keep up your home wrecking, keep up assaulting people, keep stealing and shop lifting, and keep running your big fat filthy mouth and see where that will take you. If you haven’t seen where you are headed by now then there isn’t much hope for you. Your are a sick, sick mess and you have hurt many people with your actions and you will answer for what you have done. So keep laughing and thinking you have gotten away with something but dear the piper always gets paid and you will owe a lot for what you have done to people.

  • Googled Deanna Brown and lordy what a trail of upset people you have pissed off. Its because you are playing too many games, with too many lies, with too much crap you are pulling. Sounds like no one wants anything to do with you and rightly so. Being a scumbag to everyone gets you where you are today. I guess all you’ve got is your drugs and alcohol to take you on a trip away from your sad, sad reality which you created for yourself. But at 37 you still don’t have any damn sense which is why you are alone, broke and a mess and wont do anything different to change your course.

  • Just listen to this double talking prostitute and it wont take long to hear a whole lot of inconsistencies because its all lies. Shes a bonified drug addict and everyone knows the games drug addicts play on people in order to get their next fix. Her ugly dog face shows all the signs of a hard living hooker which is exactly what she has been doing for awhile now.

  • With all the shoplifting you do constantly why don’t you lift some of the items you really need like shampoo, soap, facewash and a razor. Quit caking on the foundation to cover up all your meth picking potholes and plucking those eyebrows pencil thin like you are living in the 1970″s. And if you ever decide to shower, actually scrub that ruddy skin of yours to get rid of those dead skin cells that have built up on your body. Do you hand out clothe pins when you screw a guy because your stinky smell is repulsive. Maybe that’s a diversion because your techniques are so sad that you cant even make your way prostituting yourself.

  • Ask this piece of garbage about herself and she will give you a song and dance of which none of it is true. She likes to play head games. Believe me her ex husband doesn’t want this prostitute back, he is glad he got rid of her. Her daughter doesn’t even want to acknowledge this is her mother, her family has disowned her, she has no friends, and she has made a whole lot of enemies because she doesn’t know how to treat anyone respectfully. Deanna is always gaming and conniving. She runs around prostituting herself, she is a junkie and a slush and an all around low life double dealing sack of shit. No one will dispute this statement that knows her.

  • Nobody wants anything to do with this old hag and street hoe unless they are depurate for a real cheap BJ. This mind blown hooker is a train wreck and she will try her best to suck you into her nightmare.