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Jennifer Fendley Salter – Milton, Florida

Jennifer Fendley Salter of Milton FL is known for going after other woman’s husband’s. Yes, she is still married and splits her time between husband and her boyfriend. She waits for the wife’s to go out of town and in my case when I was in the hospital. This was when she went after my husband. Just a few months ago my husband informed of this. I was disgusted, she knew we were married and had not only a husband and a boyfriend yet she still continues her trashy ways. The last woman she did this to was out of town caring for her mother. Jennifer knew that & knows how this trauma can negatively affect a marriage and she slept with this man in his marital bed.

Her abuse extends not only to women but Children. She lost her infant daughter & her son suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome. Yes it gets worse she gave and consumed drugs, alcohol, & cigarettes to her cheating lover/boyfriend’s 14 year old daughter only to attack his wife with lies. Beware of this woman she preys on the vulnerable then acts like the martyr!

Report Cheater


  • This woman is deranged and should be locked away from society to avoid other families or children any further damage people like this need to be put away forever

    • This is all lies – reported by this woman’s stalker- cyberbully and only out here to ruin her life. All has been proven in court that she never has abused children, her precious son doesn’t have fetal alcohol syndrome- and her daughter passed tragically in a hospital. There are records and proof of everything, and if this woman did any of these horrible things, she would already be in jail- she is a wonderful mother, and person and would lay down her life for anyone in need. This is a hoax and unfounded claims and accusations, before people publish opinions, or deliberate defamatory and libel to create torture for innnocent people, they need to check their facts.
      As all has been proven as lies that were posted in a court of law, and a life long injunction for cyberterrorism, cyberstalking, and stalking is held by mrs salter, her family, her children, against the monster that posted this here.

      • Oh wait you don’t want that child either the child she destroyed by her addiction at least your daughter was save the pain because she died says:

        Actually Matt you testimony proved Jennifer is a psychopath and a child abuse Barb thanks you her nonsense needs to stop
        You need to protect the child she didn’t kill from this known abuser
        Or do you not care how your son is being Abused by your ex-wife and hier new lover
        Oh wait you don’t want that child either the child she destroyed by her addiction at least your daughter was save the pain because she died

  • This woman used her position to go after another womans husband Again once my fried was admitted Jennifer made sexual advances to my very sick friends husband she has been reported to and lost her job She is living with another man she had mental problems this is a sick woman

  • Msalter you want proof an infant of Jennifer is dead son completely and permanently damaged because of her addictions yet claim that is a good mother you have very low parenting standards best guess you are related to this tramp so you feel obligated to defend her you probably shouldn’t

  • What is awful desperate woman can’t find her own man and takes anyones left over is truly desperate must be a trait for her since she looks chewed up and spit out

  • I would like to personally apologize for being apart of all the lies which have led to the creation of these posts. Jennifer doesnt deserve the pain these horrible posts cause and I know my apology is late but it needs to be said. I cant changethe actions and hurtful decisions ive made but I can apologize for them and grow and learn from them to ensure I dont make the same mistakes again. Everyone deserves to know the truth about jennifer and not the lies from the author of these posts of a woman who barley knows Jennifer. Jennifer will do anything to protect and care for her loved ones and would never do anything to put harm in her children’s way, everyday she continues to be strong for everyone despite the constant pain in her heart. She has such a pure soul that deserves nothing but love and happiness. I have lied in court against jennifer and have regretted it everyday since, at the time I didnt realize how much my actions can impact another person but I know now that my actions have consequences and can bring the happiest person to the darkest place. I’m so sorry for the times I gave my mother false information about you just to get out of the house or to not get sent to New York or for whatever the reason was at the time. I hold so much guilt in my heart for everything you go through daily Jennifer and I’m so so sorry for everything I have done to you. I hope everyday you can see how much I love you and am trying to make up for my mistakes. – Krisztina Erdos

    • Grow up Hen impersonation and humiliation isIn your repertoire no one believes you baby killing child abusing skank